Privacy Policy

“WE,” “US”, “OUR”, “COMPANY”; Restora POS wholeheartedly committed to respect the privacy of everyone who visits our website. Restora POS is SAAS-based service software.

Users can use Restora POS, both from desktop and mobile applications, responsively. Every service rendered by the company shall be provided through Restora POS software.

We are strongly committed to providing privacy to every user/subscriber of Restora POS and ensuring 100% safety and security with all data and personal information, etc. of our users. Hence, we want you to know the procedure we use to gather, filter, store, and use the users/subscribers’ data. Therefore, we hugely recommend you to study the “privacy policy thoroughly” , so that you can understand our motive,“how”, “why,” and “what” we do with the user/subscribers of includes data or information.

The privacy policy also holds a major part of the Terms Of Services and Terms Of Use issued by the Restora POS company regarding the use of the service of Restora POS software. Promises to be in consent with the application of law and regulation, BUT will strictly follow the Information Technology Act 2000, and European Union General Data protection regulation “GRPR” standard.

As the context’s requirement, anyone who is access the Restora POS software will be referred to as “You”, “Your” or “User”. When a user inputs their personal data or information in Restora POS software, it automatic indicate to us that, the user is 100% consent and agreed with our Terms and condition and privacy policy. Therefore will be treated as one of the important users/subscribers of Restora POS. Consecutively, given the permission, use, disclose the personal information and accept the privacy policy with the amendment made time to time.

On the other hand, if any users don’t want to share their personal information with Restora POS, then that user won’t have the privilege to use or access Restopra POS software and also the available services by Restora POS. Restora POS considers “privacy policy” as a subject of the General Term of service, which is provided while signing up with our service.

Personal Information

Restora POS software only collects that information, which is undoubtedly necessary to conduct all of our legal obligations. “You” as users need to know, all the information; Restora POS system collects whilst the process of registration/ subscription service, or needed to put information while accessing/ taking service the website in future; shall be considered as personal information.

Personal information required:

1. Company name/name

2. Email

3. Address

4. Contact no

5. Billing information

6. Full-up the customer survey and share your recommendation or review.

7. Sensitive personal information, such as password, financial data, gender, etc.

Non-personal information required:

1. Types of the device; the user is using to access the service

2. IP address of the device

3. Track the user behaviour on the Restora POS platform

We allow temporary and permanent Cookies and also collect certain types of information when users access the website. As a result, Restora POS can provide the best efficient user experience. In addition, we allow these cookies to maintain smooth authenticity and enhance the quality of the service. The information we collect includes internet protocol addresses, browser type, browser language, one or more cookies, the date and time of the request, etc.

If any users send an email or other communication way to Us, we may store that communication information for further inquires/service and nurture you.

If any user downloads or uses Restora POS in mobile, we will collect the location information, unique identifier number of your mobile, etc.

Information that is automatically retained by Us; such as internet protocol address (IP), browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring page, operating page, and clickstream data, etc.

If any user wants to withdraw his/her consent, he/she can contact our Data Protection Officer.

Rights of Data Subject

“User” has the right to be informed about every information that has been collected and how “We” are using it.

“Users” has the right to access and have a copy of the data

“User” has the right to correct or complete the data

“User” has the right to request Us to restrict the personal data

“Users” has the right to request Us to transfer their personal data to another party

“Users” have the right to request Us to object to processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

If you want to exercise or are unsatisfied with any of the rights mentioned above, please contact our Data Protection office. We will definitely and assure you to understand your request with utmost possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We shall record and store all the communication between “You” and “Us” and helps you to the best possible.

What We Do With Personal Information:

We collect personal information for data analytics

We use the provided personal information to process your service request and serve the best effective service.

Enhance our service, better after-sales support, communication, comply with our legal obligation, etc.

Strictly Protect Your Personal Information

We ultimately attempt to provide you the full safeguard for physical, electronic, and managerial activity and assist you in preventin submitted/stored to us.

Our product must be hosted in a secure server environment protected in firewalls; so that no intruders can access the data.

We hold no responsibility or liability for your personal information because of any kind of error in the transmission process, unauthorized third-party access, etc.

“You”, or “User” is also responsible for keeping your data or personal information safe and secure. For example, you must not share “user name,” “password,” and other security information, etc., with anyone

“You”, or “User” must know CLEARLY that as you are using Restorea POS software and using their services: that absolutely convey that YOU AGREED with the terms and policies.

“You”, or “User” must-know “We” or “Company” will or shall not be responsible or answerable to you; if any sort of direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential damages happened and resulted from a breach or compromise of registration of your account with Restora POS.

Reservation Of Personal Information

“You”, or “User” must know any data that we store for a longer-term; it is absolutely necessary for us to fulfill some particular purpose to access the service.

Data such as “name,” “Address”, “Data of birth”, “Telephone number,” etc., will be deleted after 10 years from the termination of service.

Transfer of Data

The data we collected about you may transfer to countries or cities and promises to protect the data as stated in the privacy policy and also comply with legal requirements. And also, adequate protection will be provided; if any data is transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or outside the United Kingdom.

Please read carefully; if you want to transfer data your personal data to EEA or United Kingdom:

European Commission Adequacy must grant the country

Users have to put Us or our company in the safeguard position in respect of the transfer data.

Transfer Data to Third Parties

“Users” need to understand that Restora POS not only provide the software but also will provide the best satisfying service through API integration of certain third-party service provider.

“Users” must-know “We” appoint certain types of third party vendors or service providers; so that we can smoothly facilitate our provision of service.

Whenever Restors POS redirects you to the platform, a third-party service provider shall access all your personal information.

The personal information we shared with third parties:

Payment information such as credit, debit card details

Providers of data aggregation and software analytics service

Assist Us to provide better customer support

Online cloud service and other crucial IT support

Transfer Data to Third Parties

“We” or “Company” do not advertise any third-party website or service

“We” or “our Privacy policy” do not cover the information you provide or collect by a third party.

Please be alert with third-party website services’ privacy practices because we are not responsible for that. Hence we hugely want you to read the policies of third parties.

Alet: third parties may use different cookies to collect different types of information, and many hold them so that whenever you visit Restora POS, you can use our service at the best possible

Deletion of Personal Information or Modification

“User” can update, modify, or delete any kind of information, that he/she provided while registering/subscribing to Restora POS

To DELETE your account, please mail [email protected]

After deleting your account, “We” still have the right to hold your personal data as it is required to comply with a legal obligation.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

Restora POS software company has 100% RESERVES THE RIGHT to change and modify the privacy policy from time to time, depending on the change law, data collection, and use of practices and service features.

Any or every change will be posted in the same URL. And a humble request to all the users of Restora POS software to carefully review and study the full privacy policy. You’re continuation, and access to the service shall hint at “Us,” “that “You” or “User” is agreed with our new privacy policy.